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Dream Up

Be prepared to join the adventure of Moni and Piu!

Help Moni and Piu to return to their home planet in the eighth sky by joining their adventure in this unique platformer game.

Moni and Piu are computer creatures that got lost on Earth after an accident during their journey. Luckily, there were good family saved them and kept them safe from public exposure. But still, they are missing their home! Since their home planet is really far, far away from earth, maybe their will to come back home is nothing more than a great dream and only you can help them unleash their dream to the top of the universe.

Avoid obstacles and evil enemies whom will interrupt your journey to the eighth sky, ranging from Hot Air Balloons, UFOs, to Nyan Cats!

– Four playable characters
– Tilt device to control character
– Touch to jump, touch twice to jump higher
– Strategy to maintain power usage
– Unlock achievements
– Three playable modes: Classic (endless), Adventure, and Tutorial
– Various enemies and power-ups/downs

Play now with your friends, unlock cool achievements, and get the highest score!


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Driver Panic

This town got mad! Every cars and motorcycles drive on their own way, and Budi as public transportation driver is there!

Help him drive across the road safely while avoiding cars, motorcycles, and other obstacles ahead. Oh, don’t get hit or your resistance would be decreased. Manage your gasoline as you drive so you can get to the end of the road. And don’t forget, you have to take your passenger!



This game use Java and target for Nokia C3 and its family.

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